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Lifestyle Transformation Package

Lifestyle Transformation Package

fat loss for the flexible lifestyle
  • Fat Targeting Workouts
  • Flexible Nutrition
  • Maximum Results

$ 300/1 Months

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Flexible/ Lifestyle Program

2-6 Month Program

Our #1 selling “Lifestyle” Program is the most popular of our online coaching services. Similar to the “Contest Prep” layout, the “Lifestyle” program is geared towards fat loss with a bit more flexibility. This is a top choice for not only our advanced clients and off -season competitors, but also beginners with little experience training dieting. You will first be invited to a series of custom spreadsheets developed specifically for your body type and goals. Your spreadsheets will include a “Dashboard” where your Nutrition, Training and Cardio Tables are displayed. This is also where we will monitor your weight and make any necessary changes to your diet or training program every week.

Flexible/ Lifestyle Program Features
  • Custom Nutrition, updated weekly
  • High Intensity Training designed for MAX results
  • Certified Athlelets and Supervision
  • Video Tutorials & Instructions for All other days
All Local Fit Programs Include Total Spreadsheet & Template Access
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Custom & Compelling
Program Spreadsheets

I've spent hundreds of hours learning how to combine some really complicated functions and formulas with the sole purpose of having a collective series of tools that either helps you understand the process better, or make your life a lot easier. Old school bodybuilders might argue that simple and strict is the way to go, however in society today, it's simply not practical. We will both have access to this spreadsheet to edit and make necessary changes moving forward. This document you can access, edit and update this sheet anywhere and from any device as long as long as you have a secure wireless network connection.


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