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Our #1 selling “Lifestyle” Program is a full body transformation package, and is the most popular of our online coaching services. Similar to the “Contest Prep” layout, the “Lifestyle” program is geared towards fat loss with a bit more flexibility. This is a top choice for not only our advanced clients and off-season competitors, but also beginners with little experience training dieting. We will communicate either through voice, text, email or Skype/Facetime and I will be available around the clock with any questions or concerns that may surface during your program. Additionally you will be invited to your own series custom spreadsheets developed specifically for your body type and goals. Your spreadsheet will include a “Dashboard” where your Nutrition, Training and Cardio Tables are set to auto-populate every day. This is also where we will monitor your weight and make any necessary changes to your diet or training program every week. Each program comes with a series of video tutorials to help guide you through this process to help you achieve your goal as efficiently as possible.

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