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Preparing for a physique competition is one of the most challenging physical experiences you can put your body through, but the mental battle is where most fail. You will be hungry, tired, irritable, exhausted and often times feel like giving up, which is why this level of training is not for beginners. Contest Prep is for experienced gym goers who have developed a solid foundation and understanding of the basic fundamentals of training and nutrition. First-time competitors should understand that If you want to do well at this level of the sport you must be prepared to make sacrifices and lifestyle changes in order to be at your best on show day. Depending on where your body fat percentage from the start, a typical contest prep can range anywhere from 6-20 weeks. The goal is to first burn every last bit of fat off the body in an attempt to reveal the muscle and vascularity beneath the skin. The leaner the physique, the more definition you see and the better the judges will score you. Since 2015 Local Fit has produced almost 40 Top-five placing competitors. Local Fit has earned its reputation as a premier competition team throughout the NPC and INBA by consistently producing competitors of the highest caliber from head to toe and has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most successful competition teams in Southern California. If you think you have what it takes to push your physique to a level you've never been before, then let's get to work.


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