The Goal

Having a goal is impoprtant, but more importantly is knowing the difference between goals and when to focus on one or the other. Most people want to do way to much all at once, and they end up never completing anything because there was never a hard focus on one particular goal. For example; burning fat and building muscle. Two totally different goals with two completely opposing apparoaches. This is why having a coach is so important. When it comes to writting a plan, having a coach with experience will help you to make these decisions. Theres a lot of situations where you wont know what to do, and a coach will help you navigate these hurdles, and it all starts at the initial goal.


The Assessment

No two people are exactly alike, so should be the case for your plan. Before I can write a program i must first get to know who im working with through a series of questions, measurments and pictures. When changing the physique it isnt just a numbers game, but a visual one as well. two people could look identical on paper, but when you assess their pictures, they have completely different body compositions. Its important to be able to know the differences in the approach you take with subtle difference through pictures and on paper.


This video will give you an idea of how an assessment looks when i write my programs.  The approach that i take with my programs is very calculated, this gives my client every chance to reach their goals.  The more accurate the approach, the more accurate the results.


The Plan

Every client has their own spreadsheet where we will monitor their progress throughout the program. Everything from their nutrition to their training and cardio regiment will be written out so that all you have to do is see the steps then follow through as best you can. My integrative design utilizes a series of tables that autopopulte every day, so that your daily to do list is easily accessible at the fingertips.