"What Is Local Fit All About"

Local Fit is a premier competition and lifestyle team in San Diego. It is my brand that I coach under not just competitive athletes but regular people trying to lose weight. I specialize in developing online nutrition and weight loss programs as well as personal training on the side. Initially, Local Fit was just a brand name and a youtube channel, but that grew rapidly into the competitive bodybuilding team and online program it is today.

I think what sets myself apart from other coaches or other weight loss programs available today would be in my knowledge for one. I think a lot of trainers or prospective coaches do well in obtaining a good looking physique, then turn around and all of a sudden they’re qualified to start training others without ever learning the real science behind the process.

For me, it was always the science behind fat loss that I found fascinating and I spent thousands of hours doing research so that when someone asked me a question I not only knew the answer but could explain it to in a way that a child could comprehend. A good coach has to know what they are teaching, otherwise, in my opinion, they aren’t qualified. After knowledge, I think what separates me from other coaches is my ability to push my clients to a point that they or others can't. 

Knowing the information is critical but also being able to explain it in a way that doesn’t confuse or belittle them is equally as important. Knowing how to push someone to their limits but not so far that they break and lose their drive, how to encourage them but not to a point where they feel complacent and stop striving for success every day. I think my ability to teach is my biggest asset. I never settled for average my entire life, it was always an all or nothing mentality.

I guess that’s translated in my clients in a big way, I don’t settle for average results, we are either going to make a statement and completely transform the physique and the mindset or realize that anything less will yield the same results that they’ve been getting their entire lives. Transforming the physique is no easy task and it has to be taken very seriously. Only when you can get yourself or others to step outside of their comfort zone, and really push beyond your known physical and mental limits, will this be possible.

It’s nice to also know that people reach out to me with an expectation to get a certain level of results based on my previous work. That reputation was difficult to create but one of the most gratifying feelings imaginable, having a reputation that speaks from my work and the results I can get, not of me as a person.

"Local Fit Founder & Head Coach: Brian Martinez

Since I can remember, I've always had this fascination with the human body. I was an athlete myself well through college, playing almost every sport possible. I was blessed with excellent hand-eye coordination which allowed me to do well in every sport I participated in, but there was one problem. Deep down, I wanted to look like the athletes I saw in the magazines and on the infomercials. Since I wasn’t the kind of kid that walked around ripped with a 6 pack year round, that was always the underlying fascination of mine. I was a great athlete but in my opinion, I still wanted to look like I performed.

Everyone who never had a 6 pack, pretty much knows that feeling. For myself, I didn’t just want to look the look, but I wanted to understand the process, I wanted to be able to explain it to someone else. I acquired so much knowledge and along the way absorbed so much false information, I would go on to be the founder and president of the University of Oregon bodybuilding club. I was absolutely mesmerized by the lifestyle at this point. I decided to start my own YouTube channel to dispell some of the myths and express my opinion on relevant topics in regard to nutrition, training and fat loss. I called my channel Local Fit.

I knew in my mind I wanted this channel to stand as a community or a movement in a way, where information and content that I put out would be honest, original, and hold a certain style that’s embodied this vision I’ve had on fitness from the start.

As my channel became more popular I started to receive requests to coach them on their diet and into shows themselves. That’s when I began coaching and helping people lose weight. I knew that if I was going to be

successful in such a saturated industry. I’m going to need to stand out, and I planned on doing that through my work and the transformation helped people achieve.

I knew how to do it, I could easily transform my physique in 6 weeks. So the next 3 years, I spent focused on helping my clients, that’s where I would see my biggest success. I went from sleeping on my mom’s bunk bed and filming workouts with my brothers go pro to coaching almost 40 athletes into top 5 finishes in the NPC and over 100 lifestyle client transformations in under 3 years. Along the way, I designed an apparel line that honestly never made a lot of money (if any) but always used it to promote my brand if people weren’t going to buy my stuff, I figured I might as well just give it away.


This isn’t just a job you show up at, this is something that I literally wake up every day thinking about going to sleep, dreaming about, and spend all day working at. It started out as a passion of mine, grew into something that I could now make a living off of. And from there, I have the luxury of cultivating that and growing it into anything I want while staying true to the morals and the values I initially set for myself and my brand.

"Is there a quality that you feel is essential to success?"

I think the most important qualities for success, especially in this line of work, is a true passion for this lifestyle. If you’re just doing this to make a living, you will eventually lose your love and fade. I know I’ll never lose that passion because it continues to grow every day even years later. The more I succeed the more I want to learn more and the more I love it by the day. It’s a cycle that favors those who work from the heart, and weeds out those who are trying to make it work because they were bitten by the iron bug.

I also think that if you really want to succeed in this line of work you have to care about others, and know how to put others first. I have had count-

less clients approach me for coaching because their last coach or trainer didn’t give them the attention that they deserved.

A lot of the time its because they too are athletes or fitness competitors working on achieving their goal physique or success in the competitive scene. I know that having a beautiful physique doesn’t make me a better coach, so I make sure that my clients come first. I built my values as a coach based on the shortcomings of my competitors, that’s where I’ve been able to achieve what so many haven’t in this industry.

What Our Clients Think

Announcing the Most Innovative Program On the Market

The Macro Pro is Local Fit's most  project so far. Over two years in the making, this system utilizes a series of spreadsheets all to develop a user friendly application that allows you to easily track your calories, calculate your macros, and develope your own, or a clients program from start to finish, in just a few minutes.

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