Burn up to 20lb of strictly fat off your body,  while simultaneously winning a piece of the $1000 CASH POT ?? Registration for Local Fit's 3rd official "6-Week Transformation Challenge" is now OPEN!

I'm really looking forward to sharing the new challenge layout with you all. I think you're really going to enjoy some of the new features and tools in your spreadsheet that I have created so that things go a lot smoother as well as inform and educate throughout the process.

That being said, the goal is simple, to burn as much body fat off your body as possible in only 6 weeks, while preserving the hard-earned muscle that you've worked so hard to gain.

Unlike most 12 or even 15-week programs, I have compressed the workload into roughly half the time.



You should expect to see rapid changes in your physique if executed to your maximum potential. In regards to the prize money for the top transformations, the cash payout is going to be determined by how many people sign up for this particular challenge. 




 The 6-Week Challenge has been designed to yield maximum results in half the time of a standard diet. It will be fast paced, high volume and perfect for those looking to tone up without having to dedicate months out of your life. The plan for each contestant is very similar, and here is where the challenge lies. 50 people with similar programs, could yield results on all ends of the spectrum. This way we will know who outworked the rest.

  Each contestant will be required to complete a New Client Assessment Form including three open-ended questions to help us gauge your current settings and level of fitness. All entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Each contestant will be invited to their very own "Transformation Spreadsheet".  This private spreadsheet will contain your personal 6-week nutrition & training program. We have designed this program to be as straightforward and convenient as possible from start to finish.

 The official challenge will take place Monday, October 1st - Saturday, November 10th.

At the end of the challenge, a vote will be taken among the contestants to determine the top 5 winners. We will provide some basic judging criteria before the voting process but please note that Local Fit will have no influence whatsoever on the voting process or its outcome. Registration will remain open to the public until The Friday before the challenge begins (Sept. 29th  midnight). The cap this time around is 50 challengers so get your entries in ASAP. (total prize money is dependant on the number of remaining finalists, this means the pot could potentially pay out more per finalist).

How It Works

Initial Assessment

First things first, we need to assess your current level of fitness. I have designed a series of online calculators to...

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Body Works

← Back to timetable Make the muscles of your body larger and stronger through tension and exercises such as lifting weights....

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Track Your Progress

  The 6 Week challenge dashboard is the main spreadsheet where you will keep track of your weight and your progress....

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This program is valued at $350 regularly. With the Macro Pro, your looking at a $420 program

Today you're getting it for only $75.00

"Brian was great and supportive through the whole process! Do this program! Ive already spoken to multiple people about it "
 Kirsten Rojas
Kirsten Rojas 6 Week Challenge


"I can’t have enough words to explain how much of an honor it has been working Brain like I’ve told him and also expressed my gratitude on social media. His drive, knowledge, honesty, determination, to make a change shows in all his clients. You don’t just a coach but you also get a friend. When he talks there is always something motivational I’m every conversation you have with him. So that being said he is a kick ass person to work with and I look forward to working with him this new year for another show."
  Shiela Tuazon
Shiela Tuazon Lifestyle & Contest prep



"He helped me achieve a goal that I could never to by my self. I didn’t know my body was capable of getting to where it took me.  I like the fact that you tell him what you want and he gets you there. Everybody has different goals they want to achieve. He knows what works for your body and what does n’t. He’s like a little Genius :)"
SandraAlatriste 6 Week Challenge


Bonus Feature #1
Macro Pro - Meal Planner & Macro Tracking Application.  This Database / Application alone is priced at $69.99 making this alone worth the cost of the challenge
Bonus Feature #2
My Fit Template Starter Kit - These templates and spreadsheet additions are part of our starter package and priced at 39.99. Trainers love these as it gives them a solid framework to work with when constructing meal and workout plans
6 Week Challenge Options

Instead of paying $200-350 for a typical nutrition and training package, you could challenge yourself and the rest of the pack

Today only you pay $75




 Hold up! We're not done yet, If you include these additions to your purchase, you could SAVE even more!


Add-On # 1
Additional Support / Coaching -  - The 6 Weeks Challenge is very fast paced and can be at times overwhelming. In the past, I tried to get around to updating and checking in on everyone like I do my regular lifestyle or competition clients. However there is just far too many people to show all the same attention, so in this challenge, I am making my coaching services available for a $20 upgrade and to be honest, this is the best deal on the table so far. As much as I would love to get around to everyone there simply isn't enough time to do so on top of checking in with my regular clients when its time to update your programs.  
Add-On # 2
Add a Friend -  If you have a friend or family member that would also like to join we are giving the 2nd entry to you for only $50!  That's 33% off, but hurry because this offer is a one time only upgrade that won't last very long. Remember, we do cap the challenge around 30-40 people.

6 Week Challenge Options


Dedicated to your success,

Brian Martinez

Founder | Head Coach of Local Fit

ps. Trust me when I say,  what can be accomplished in 6 weeks if you dedicate yourself 100% to your task is far beyond what you think you're capable of. Your results will reflect how hard you tried. No more, no less.